Opposing to the appearance of being immobile and confined, most infants love to be wrapped tightly in a blanket. You can find reviews of the top swaddle blankets from morning blog. The reason why infants have so much love for swaddling is that it has a lot to do with their first habitat. Having staying within the mother for nine months, the baby was wrapped in the womb – cuddly and cozy. This is what they are actually used to and it is what they know as being a comfort space. Swaddling as infant imitates the secure sensation they had while in the womb

Temperature Control

It is quite impossible for a baby to regulate their internal temperature, thus making it important that the parent offer a helping hand in making sure that the baby is neither too cold nor too hot. If an infant is too cold, it can be quite dangerous. Infants are accustomed to being warm and having just a blanket laid over to offer them such a treatment is not enough. At this point, swaddling the baby with a baby blanket is the ideal choice.

Sleep Aid

Just as a baby is enjoying a great sleep and everything is looking and seeming relaxed and peaceful, all of a sudden you notice that the legs are kicking, arms start flapping and the baby suddenly wakes from the sleep, crying with confusion and fear. Newborns do not conventionally recognize their limbs and with time, they tend to learn how to control their muscles. Parents at some point have observed some jittery reflexes, though it looks normal it can somewhat frustrating and tiring. Swaddling assists in binding the baby limbs gently just so they do not get scared from their own limb, thus promoting undisturbed sleep.


After the first month of life, the baby tends to learn the art of regulating her internal temperature, have more control of her legs and arms, and enjoy as they explore the additional use of their body. Swaddling at this point can exclusively be for sleeping, such as when the baby is put to bed for a short period.