To become a true diet expert, you need to know the full health ramifications of the diet program you are recommending. This is the key because otherwise, there might be diabetes-related issues.

As you probably already know, diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Diabetes is not communicable. It’s not something that you pick up from other people, and it’s not something that you get when you wipe your face after turning a dirty door knob. It arises based on your activity levels and your food choices.

To become a TDE, you need to understand the importance of lifestyle. A lot of people think that being a diet expert or some sort of diet consultant really turns on the right formula. They think that you just need to know how many calories a person should eat and how much exercise they should have. Well, this assumes too much. In fact, if you’re playing the game this way, you probably are playing the game to lose because that’s not how life works.

Believe it or not, different people are different from each other. They’re not groups. They’re not indistinguished masses. You cannot safely lump people together. Unfortunately, a lot of self-professed so-called diet experts do exactly this. Not surprisingly, the people they are consulting with or they are advising fail time and time again.

If you don’t want to fail or if you don’t want your clients to fail, focus on customization. This is the key factor that we keep emphasizing on this blog.

We understand that diabetes is a distinct lifestyle disease. Your chances of diabetes are different from another person’s chances because they have different lifestyles than you. It makes all the sense in the world to come up with an anti-diabetes or diabetes preemption system that speaks to your set of circumstances. Forget everybody else because their factors are irrelevant.

The same applies to your efforts at becoming a true blue diet expert. If you want people to refer to you as THE diet expert, you need to customize your advice. You need to ask a lot of questions. You need to zero in on how they live their life, what they’re working with, and what their schedule is like.

Once you have this information, you can then make the right suggestions. Nothing else will solve the problem. Nothing else can even come close because the weight is going to stay on.

Now, let me tell you, one of the biggest challenges with weight loss is not getting the person you’re consulting with to lose weight. In fact, all diets, at some level or another, work. They really do. They help people lose weight. The problem is keeping the weight off.

This is the big challenge. And until and unless you factor in the lifestyle as well as the attitudes and expectations of the people you’re trying to help, nothing will happen. That weight that they’re so happy to lose will come raging back. To make matters worse, all that weight will come back and then they would gain even more weight.

To become a true blue TDE, you need to factor in lifestyle because just as it works in anti-diabetes programs, it also works in truly lasting weight loss systems.