As far as Clash Royale is concerned, gems are truly very precious, yes actually and no I am not talking about the Lord of the Rings. While there are some avenues to get Clash Royale Gems in the game, like through purchasing donating cards to clan members, or finishing accomplishments/task, you should really be keen on saving and here is the reason behind this.

How to Manage Gems as a Free User

The most crucial topic that we could possibly talk about here is how to send your gems. You could be forgiven for thinking this is a finance class.

You could see gems as an opportunity to move closer to get the Epic cards you have been dying to get. This might surprise you but don’t make the mistake of spending the gems on opening a treasure chest. Make use of the gems instead to purchase gold me thereafter improve the cards you have or get the card you need/want.

Ensuring that your cards are upgraded is a very big factor for you to win matches and also move up to the next Clash Royale Arena.

Don’t fall for the temptation of spending the gems in your possession on speeding up chests. More chests would always be available. Concentrate on getting more instead and move closer to getting some awesome epic cards or somesuch. You’ll end up as a more savvy, cautious player if you play the free way right: you would have a better strategy though you won’t be able to advance as quickly, but you’ll have a better strategy.

In case you want to buy Clash Royale Gems, then the strategy would have to be slightly different, First, Gems normally last for months or weeks till you’re left with none. That’s quite nice.

Then you guessed it, after the purchase of Gems to get the 100,000 Bundle of Gold or 10,000 Bundle of Gold, just make use of them again to open Chests when your Chest Row is filled up.