California might be the most protective state in the United States (U.S) when it comes to employee rights and that includes the right to be paid without delay. California laws on payday and paychecks cover when you have to be paid, the information your employer needs to provide along with your paycheck, and when you have to get your last paycheck if you are fired or if you quit, and what that last paycheck has to include. However, how long does an employer have to pay you after you quit in ca?

Employee Resignations

An employee with no written employment contract for a stipulated period of time who provides a notice of at least three days before an intention to quit and leaves work on the given day in the notice has to be paid all of the wages that includes accrued vacation, at the time he or she quits. An employee with no written employment contract for a stipulated period of time that quits without offering a notice of at least three days (72 hours) has to be paid all of his or her wages, that includes accrued vacation, within three days of quitting. The employee might ask that his or her last wage payment be mailed to a particular address. The mailing date is considered the payment date.

For employees that quit without providing a 72 hours’ earlier notice and who don’t ask that their last wages be sent to them at a particular address, the place of last wage payment is at the employer’s office within the county in which the work was done.

Direct deposits that had been previously authorised by the employee are terminated quickly when an employee is discharged or he/she quits and the payment of wages when employment is terminated as mentioned earlier applies unless the employee has willingly authorised the direct deposit and provided that the employer adheres to the provisions of Labor Code Section 213(d) as it relates to the payment of wages following the termination of employment.