Golf shoes are improving at a fast rate: from spikeless to laceless to forms that boost running methods. The men’s shoe guide on GolfBee for 2017 is filled with options that could promote traction, comfort and possibly your swing.

We have always felt that shoelaces and spikes were important parts of golf shoes. However, the latest models are successfully contending that idea. As a substitute for traditional laces, some shies have disc-closure systems that are able to secure the shoe on your foot via the twist of a dial.

As for shoes without spikes, we adore them for being easy to wear from the workplace to the golf course and from the golf course to the cafe. We have however been reminded about how spikeless shoes give a serious performance as well. Traction elements happen to be better sophisticated and attentive to your foot’s motion to boost your interaction with the turf. Skeptical? Consider that professional players on tour with the most aggressive of swings trust them during competition.

When battling with soft ground and wet rough conditions, the state your golf shoes are in gets exposed often. It is at this point you’re likely to ask yourself why you failed to go for something with a better guarantee or something a bit sturdier.

These days, there are a lot of options ranging from classic subtler designs to colourful sporty models. Almost all of them have some type of value-adding waterproof guarantee, while traction and grip and traction have been made possible via a lot of clever sole designs.

What Do I Have To Consider?

Flexibility versus stability

This will be dependent on your action and on what the feeling is like for you underfoot. Powerful swings could typically benefit from additional stability, while flexible shoes with their dynamism could assist slower swingers.


There is no shying away from the fact that this would be the deal breaker for a lot of people, but ensure that you think about things such as the waterproof warranty that could add value.