We a world leader in diabetes care. We aim to contribute to society through the provision of superior medicines and high quality information by wishing for the quality of life of people, focusing on the true needs of the people, and closer service. We are working hard to build a useful system for every person who suffers from diabetes so they can fully get all the information they need.

Diabetes is a progressive chronic disease. Cooperation of doctors and co-medical teamwork, family members and friends supporting patients is important for insulin treatment according to patient’s individual condition. We provide patients with information on medicines and injectors. The family and friends should help the person get this information as well as taking them to walking rallies and summer camps organized especially for diabetes patients where they can exchange knowledge with other doctors that can work with patients and health care workers with the aim of improving treatment outcome and quality of the patients life.

Since the founding of this website, we have pursued outstanding effects, high safety, and ease of use for patients, and have achieved numerous awards. Accumulated knowledge and skills are utilized not only in diabetes but also in assuring a healthy life. We aim to overcome diabetes, to advance to a healthier system in which people eat healthier and in which people realize the benefit and the need of daily exercise. By striving to realize these goals, we would like to become a company that can contribute to people’s health and society.

We will continue to talk with patients and medical professionals, in the near future, until we will overcome this disease.