Diabetes – the most common hormonal abnormality. According to the World Health Organization, over 100 million people on our planet suffer from this disease, but up to 80 % of the time are not even aware of the illness. But today diabetes ranks third among causes of death. Experts predict that by 2030 the number of cases will increase to 366 million per year, unless effective preventive measures are taken.

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar (glucose) is too high. In this state, there is a paradoxical situation: the sugar is enough, and the fabric of the whole organism suffer starvation. This happens due to the fact that sugar can not independently enter the cell and remains in the blood in the form of useless ballast. There are two types of diabetes.

lifelong disease requiring continuous input of insulin in the body. Insulin should be administered concurrently with a meal several times a day. Besides traditional syringes and bottles, injection devices exist in the form of “handles” which make insulin administration process easier and more convenient. Without appropriate treatment can be life-threatening condition causing the diabetic coma. Insulin-dependent “diabetes, obese people.” Their insulin is produced, but they have and lead an active lifestyle

Symptoms of Type II diabetes develops gradually over a long time. This disease is less predictable than type I diabetes. Patients with type II diabetes may occur fewer symptoms of different severity. In the course of the disease may be periods, sometimes for several years, and sometimes up to the end of life, when the symptoms are virtually absent and, as a consequence, the disease goes unnoticed.

 Diabetes in men and women, adults and children is dangerous for its complications that lead to disability and early death. This disease is called the “silent killer” because it does not hurt a person, although complications are already also underway. When it hurts it will be too late … There are detailed methods of inhibition and treatment of complications. Reinforce motivation to carefully monitor your glucose metabolism.

It is expected that the new discoveries will provide a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes and its complications in the coming years.

In 2007, the results of a major long-term study of the effect of diabetes on women and men were published. Unfortunately, it turned out that women diabetes is more harfull than men diabetes. This disease reduces life expectancy of men by an average of 7.5 years, and in women by 8.2 years. For men, diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 2-3 times, and for women by 6 times. Also, women have a higher risk.

Depression and diabetes feed each other and form a vicious circle which leads to early death. But depression in women occurs twice as often than men, and among patients with diabetes, this ratio is maintained. The population of people with normal metabolism of carbohydrates women rarely suffer from diseases of the kidneys. But among diabetic women, this advantage is lost. They suffer from kidney disease as often as men.

Methods of prevention and treatment are: a healthy diet, physical exercise, quitting smoking. In case of diabetes type 1 or 2 is already developed, it is necessary to regularly measure the blood pressure and check the condition of your feet. In type 1 diabetes there is the need to prick insulin on a daily basis, otherwise the patient will die. Type 2 diabetes is most often managed to be well controlled without insulin. Tablets for diabetes and insulin injections.

Therefore, people with a metabolic disorder, it is recommended to follow the domestic and especially foreign news on diabetes. If you contact us, you’ll know as soon as there will be something important.

This is called hypoglycemia. It causes acute symptoms, fainting, and even death. Learn from our site everything you need for effective and safe treatment of diabetes with diet, tablets, insulin and physical education. The information that you obtain is priceless because it extendsyourlife, it protects against complications and gives the opportunity to live a full life.

Conclusion: carefully monitor diabetes, take care of yourself. In the article about the analyzes that need to take , you will find a detailed list of surveys. It specifies the frequency with which they must take place in the laboratory. It’s not just blood tests for sugar, but also on cholesterol and other factors of cardiovascular risk. Take them regularly. Also check the function of your kidneys. Consult with specialists if the need arises. Your medical team should be a good cardiologist, ophthalmologist … and will not prevent another nephrologist, just in case.

A large section of this siteis useful not only for patients with diabetes type 1 and 2, but for doctors as well, who want to develop professionally. Endocrinologists submissions will serve as a handy “cheat sheet”. Patients will find unique information on the following topics: how to stop surges in blood sugar stable and maintain it normal; some tablets for diabetes are harmful and which are really useful; the most accurate methods for calculating the dosage of insulin to avoid hypoglycemia; how to enjoy physical exercise, especially in type 2 diabetes. All articles are written in plain language, to make it clear to people without medical training.

Get in touch with us to know more about the safer and more quicker ways to cure diabetes naturally. Just hit us up with your queries and we’d love to answer them. We usually get back in less than 24 hours!


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